Today we borrowed Eos, Spisi’s Don’t Want To Share, from Linnea to show him at the international dog show in Norrköping. We also had our little sweetheart Asta with us. The weather could have been better, icy and strong winds, but at least it didn’t rain. Eos was shown for the first time at an official dog show. He has only been shown at the unofficial show that the Pharaoh Hound club held last summer. We knew that he needed a lot of time to mature so we haven’t had any rush getting him out in the rings. But now it’s time to start practice! He did really good today. The judge, Gunnar Nyman, were very good with the dogs and he sure took his time feeling them up from head to toe! Eos handled this very well and he was really focused when i stacked him. In movement Eos usually is very calm, relaxed and focused but today he feelt a bit “all over the place” and a bit tense. I think the icy winds had some to do with it… Any way. He got excl. and got placed as second male in his class. The judge feelt that he still needs time to get more stabile. And I can agree that he still needs more time to get stable and get his body to settle. He’s also a bit thin for the moment (after a short period with a bad stomache).

Our youngster Asta did quite well today. She was really focused but she was a bit tense in her topline on the move. Again, i think the icy winds had a bit to do with it. But Asta still has some training to do before she’s fully relaxed on the move. She just has so much going on in her cute little head… She’s so extremly social that she tenses up and just want’s to rush to everyone. With some training and time I hope we will get her as focused as she needs to be.  Asta won her class with CQ but weren’t placed in best bitch, she went fifth with R-CERT. Not so great results but over all a great day of traning!

Eos – Spisi’s Don’t Want To Share – 22 months old 

Eos on the move

Asta – Enigma Something To Remember – 11½ months old

Asta in front of the judge Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

Asta on the move


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