What a day

Today we were at the  international KC show in Vänersborg. We had entered Hera, Spisi’s Know You Want Me, and Asta, Enigma Something To Remember, for judge Ewa Nielsen and Yra, Enigma After Me Please, for judge Henrik Johansson. Last weekend in Norrköping we hade the freezing winds. Today we had hard rain and the grass turned into mud… We hade mud everywhere! The ring were soaking wet, some had smal puddles of water and mud. Really great conditions to show sighthounds and basenjis in! Not! But the girls did the best they could despite the weather. Asta only got excl in junior class, the judge felt that she needs more time. Hera did quite great today! She has only been shown 3 times before today and it’s a year since last time. She has matured a lot since then! Today she went 4:th best bitch with R-CC, after her grandmother Vega, Enigma Surprise Me. Vega later ended up as BIS-4 veteran! Congrats to her breeders and owners Sofie and Madelene Lönn at kennel Enigma. Yra made her debut in championclass today. She was not pleased with the weather at all… She didn’t show as well as she usally does but ended up as 3:rd best bitch. We now hope for a bit better weather next weekend in Avesta, at least not heavy rain or freezing winds.

  Lovely weather…

Hera beeing judged

Our lovely Hera, 22 months old

Yra and Sofie in the competiton of best bitch


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