Some news!

It’s been a really long time since the last update. Life goes on and the time flies! The most important thing to report is that Linnea has decided to leave the kennel. Life changes and we support her decision. At the same time that Linnea decided to leave we also decided that my husband Joel should join the kennel instead. Today we got the paper of confirmation from the Swedish Kennel Club so we now have made som changes on the kennelpage –

Some other great news is that Asta gained both her Swedish and Norweigan championtitles last winter. She is a true beauty with loads of positive energy. Time will tell what the future will bring with her. Me and Joel also got a baby this spring. Therefor there hasn’t been much time for dog shows or obedience competitions. Next spring we will move to a new home but hopefully we will have some more time for dog activities after that!


Happy birthday!

Today is our beloved Want-litters birthday! Can’t belive that they already are 3 years old. Our thoughts goes especially to the sweet Ramses that left us way to early and to the beloved boy Lykke who has been missing since february. Loads of love to all our Want-sweethearts!

Welcome 2013

2012 is over and we have had a great year. Lots have happened and we are exited about what may come with a new year. From the want litter “Hera” Spisi’s Know You Want Me got a R-CC and our boy “Eos” Spisi’s Don’t Want To Share took his first CC this summer.

Your sweet boy Spisi’s Want It All “Romanov” who were looking for a new home this summer have found a great one. He has company from a minature Pinscher and a sweet greyhound lady.

Happy B-day!

Happy 2:nd birthday to all of our beloved redheds in the Wantlitter! We hope that you all have had a great day with lots of cuddle and play and of course something really delishious to eat 🙂 Lots of hugs and kisses from us  ♥

Little Lykke 3 weeks old

Spisi’s Want It All ”Romanov” is looking for a new home

This sweet boy is still looking for a new home as soon as possible. Romanov is truly a gentlemen and everyone he meets falls for his charm and gentle nature. He’s easy to train since he have good contact and are willing to do almost anything for a piece of candy or som playtime. Romanov loves to cuddle and don’t mind getting up in our lap and get his belly scratched. When he wants something he might speak or use his paws to gett attention or a hold of the thing he wants.

Romanov is castrated and vaccinated. He grew up in Stockholm city and are used to the city life. Romanov gets along well with humans, other dogs and cats but he’s not used to interact with small children.

Romanov needs a new home as soon as possible.
Please contact  us if your interested.

Lovely Lykke

Today we had Lykke, “Spisi’s Take What I Want”, and his owner Oscar and his sister for visit. Lykke has grown up to be a handsome and outgoing boy! He sure has a great dog life, he acctually get’s to spend every day with his “dad” at work. There he can run free in the forrest at his lunchwalk and during the day he gets to greet everyone that comes to hos “dads” work. His “dad” Oscar truly does everything he can to make sure that Lykke is as happy as a PH can be.

Spisi’s Want It All ”Romanov” is looking for a new home

Romanov is a happy and extrovert boy out of our Want-litter born 2010-07-19. He’s described as a big hugbear who loves people and dogs but he’s not used to interact with small children. He comes when called and never runs away. Romanov is well behaved, trained with the leash and can be left alone for a while. He’s used to cats since he have grown up with one. He has a passport and he’s vaccinated for rabies. Romanov is castrated and he’s looking for a pethome. Since the home situation is changed he needs a new home immediately.

Please contact  us if your interested in this sweet boy